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Fitness Tuscany got its start in Cortona, Province of Arezzo, with an idea to satisfy everyone who would like to spend a vacation in Tuscany doing their favorite sports activity. The love of sport is, therefore, the basis on which Fitness tuscany studies and creates unconventional tours and courses.

The intent of Fitness Tuscany is to make your experience in Tuscany - as well as Umbria - fun and full of energy. This, together with the joy of moving and living in the fresh air without limits or confines, permits the visitor to enjoy a truly unique vacation experience.

The idea of offering a personalized service to those who choose Tuscany and Cortona as a destination was that of Lucia Infelici. Lucia has a degree in Physical Education with a specialization in Yoga and Pilates. She is both a certified cycling-tour guide and official tour leader for the Region of Tuscany as well as an environmental guide.

Fitness Tuscany - Servizio personalizzato
Fitness Tuscany - Servizio a domicilio

Her associates at Fitness Tuscany are professional cycling instructors and outdoor guides. Thanks to these experts, you will explore the area's sites, beautiful panoramas and curiousities in complete safety while satisfying your specific travelling needs.

Lucia and the other qualified experts of Fitness Tuscany are able to advise and suggest plans for your trip in order to find the right vacation for you in terms of fitness and physical well-being. They do this through a tailormade program with a schedule and activities that work for you.