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Fitness Tuscany

The Territory

Discovering the lands from
Lake Trasimeno to the Casentino hills

Based in Cortona, in proximity to Lake Trasimeno, Fitness Tuscany operates primarily in the Province of Arezzo, covering the area of the Valdichiana, the Casentino and the Val D'Orcia. Each of these areas is different in the natural beauty of its landscape and blends perfectly with the art works and historic sites still present today.

The landscape of the Valdichiana - where Cortona is situated - is particularly inspiring with its procession of hills, valleys and highlands where Fitness Tuscany practices activities such as hiking and cycling, but also Pilates and yoga amid the vineyards so typical of this area.

Not far from Montepulciano is the Val D’Orcia with its unique panoramas dominated by the spectacular "Crete senesi", comprised of stratifications of clay which rise up in various forms creating a sort of lunar landscape. Fitness Tuscany's sports tours also take place in this area and include tastings at the cellars which produce the famous Brunello of Montalcino.

North of Cortona we find the Casentino area, encircled by highlands covered with centuries old forest which are part of the Parco Nazionale Delle Foreste Casentinesi, Mount Falterona and Campigna. There are a miriad of unexpected views such as those which can be enjoyed from the top of the Pratomagno, a protected natural area of interest.

Fitness Tuscany - territory
Fitness Tuscany - territory

Within this mix of panoramic, artistic and cultural itineraries, which extend from Lake Trasimeno in Umbria to the peaks of the Casentino, the various activities prepared by Fitness Tuscany - which always astound and satisfy the traveler - blend perfectly.